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Why is my keypad beeping?

CPI Security -

The security system will begin to notify of trouble conditions with a series of beeps coupled with a flashing asterisk on the display area.  Press the ‘*’ key on the keypad, the system will display the current trouble.  To silence the troubles you can press the "*" key one more time.

Some common trouble conditions:

  • Sensor Low Battery - This trouble will present when your panel has detected a low battery in one of your security devices. The trouble alert on the panel will indicate which device has a low battery. You can access battery change videos through the My Account section of the inTouch application or website.
  • AC Power Failure - This trouble will present when your panel has lost AC Power. Your panel does run off of a backup battery that is inside of the panel for 24-48 hours depending on use. The panel's transformer should be located in a nearby outlet. Start by confirming that the transformer is still securely plugged into the outlet. If the transformer is plugged in, test that outlet with a cell phone charger or small lamp to confirm that is working. If for some reason the outlet isn't working please check your breakers or a nearby GFI outlet to make sure that they haven't tripped.  If the trouble persists after confirming the outlet has power please contact our Customer Service Team 

  • Low System Battery - This trouble will present when the panel's backup battery isn't charged. If you have had a recent AC power failure please allow the backup battery 12-24 hours to recharge. If you haven't any recent power failures or if the issue persists please contact our Customer Service Team 

You can silence the trouble beeps at the panel or through the application.  How do I silence the beeping at my keypad?

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