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Why can’t I view my camera?

CPI Security -

Ensure that the internet is working.  If internet is working, power cycle the camera by unplugging the power for 10 seconds.   Often this will reconnect the camera if no internet changes have been made.   

  • If there was a network change then the camera will need to be relearned.
    • Relearning with WPS button-
      • Insert a small object (paper clip) into reset button on the back of the camera and hold down for 20 seconds.
      • Hold down the WPS button on the camera until led light blinks blue. Then hold down the WPS button on your enabled router. Camera light should turn solid green when devices have paired properly.
    • Relearning with an Ethernet cable-
      • Unplug the power from the camera and connect an Ethernet cable from the router to the camera. Power up the camera and wait for a solid green light.
      • Login in to your inTouch on a computer. Click on “Video” then “Video Device Settings”. Under Video Device Settings you will see “Wireless Networks”. Scan for your new wireless router and update the settings on the camera.
      • Unplug the power and Ethernet cable from the camera. Power up after 10 seconds and wait for a solid green light.
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