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Why does my camera have a solid red light?

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The camera is has lost connection to your network.  See below for an overview of your CPI Router along with instructions on how to fix your camera issue.


Reference: The CPI Router

For familiarity with the CPI installed router, which is used in most CPI video camera applications.



A.  Power Light Indicator: When this is lit up, it indicates that there is power to the router. If not lit then check that the unit is plugged in to a working outlet and that the power button is in the ON position. 

B.  Wi-Fi Broadcast Indicator: When this is lit up, it indicates that the router is broadcasting the Wi-Fi signal necessary to maintain the connection of wireless cameras to the network. 

C.  Hard Wired Port Connection Indicator: when these are lit, each one would indicate that there is a hard-wired connection between the router and a camera. 

D.  Internet Connectivity Indicator: When this light is lit up Green, it indicates a working Internet connection to the router. If the light is Orange then an internet connection is detected but not allowing internet to flow. If the light is not lit at all then the indication is that the cable between the router and the internet connection is unplugged. 

E.  WPS Connection Mode Indicator: When this is lit, it indicates that the router is attempting to pair with a device.


F.  Power On/Off Button: Controls power to the router without having to physically unplug it.

G.  A/C Power Plug: Physical power connection from the wall outlet

H.  Internet Connection Point (LAN): This should house the cable that runs back to the Modem or Router that supplies Internet to the Home.

I.  Hard-Wired Connection Ports 1 through 4: houses the cables that supply internet directly from the CPI router to the camera without a Wi-Fi connection.

J.  WPS/Reset Button (2 seconds for WPS Camera Learn Mode but longer will reset your router and is not recommended)

K.  Wi-Fi Broadcast Mode Button (hold for 3 seconds to toggle on or off depending upon your connection mode needs)


Camera Repair Instructions: Solid Red LED Light

If your camera has a solid red LED light, then it is currently disconnected from the local wireless network.

1.  First look at the CPI installed router to see if there is power.


  • If there is power, move to Step 2.
  • If there is now power button, then make sure the router is plugged in.  Then ensure the power button is pressed in.

2.  Check the status lights on the router.  Is there an Orange light lit up?


  • If all the lights are Green, then the internet is working to the router and you should move forward to Step 3.
  • If there is an Orange light lit, then the camera issue is related to the loss of internet. Please visit a website and verify that the internet is working at all. If it is not then you will need to contact your ISP for assistance and the camera should restore once the internet does. 


  • If the internet is working, then verify that the Network Cable running between the CPI router and your local network is still correctly connected.


3.  Verify the CPI router Wi-Fi broadcast light is lit.


  • If it is, then move to Step 4.
  • If it is not then locate the Button and hold it for the count of 3, verify it lights up, and then give the camera a couple of minutes to restore.


4.  The next step is to power cycle your modem, the router and then the camera in that order. To power cycle simply unplug the devices for 20 seconds and then plug them back in. (first the modem then the router and then the camera) If the camera power supply cannot be located, you can also power cycle it by unplugging the plug from the back of the camera. Once the power has been unplugged wait 20 seconds and then plug it back in.

5.  Should this fail to resolve the issue, at your convenience, please contact our service center at 1-800-948-7133 ext. 6280 for live representative assistance.



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