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CPI Security -

The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Digital Internet Phone services that are being developed today are wonderful. They do come with their own set of steps that will need to be completed before they will work well with your CPI Security System. Please review the following information before you choose to install a VOIP or choose not to have a land based phone in your home.

There are a number of drawbacks to VoIP, including issues regarding emergency 911 service. We strongly recommend that you keep a basic landline even if you get VoIP for day-to-day use. Your system will be monitored using the public internet as the means of communication. (The internet can, and probably will, fail at certain times).

The provision of public internet service to your premises is your responsibility. You will need to provide standby electrical power to your ADSL, Cable Modem and other devices such as hubs, routers, or switches that may affect the internet communications with a recommended stand by duration of 24 hours, but in all cases not less than 15 minutes. Please be aware that communications will fail if the power for the modem, router, hub or switch is interrupted.

Compatible Providers:

Time Warner Cable:
You will need to make sure that your provider has set up the D-Mark (Outside Phone Box) to where CPI will have full line-seizure over the computer and your phone lines within the home.

After the provider has completed this task (and in the cases where there will be no landline, the landline has been disconnected), please be sure to test the system with our Central Station to confirm the proper communication of your alarm system. Time Warner is capable of installing VoIP correctly and usually does not inhibit alarm system communication.

When ordering the Vonage service, be sure that the unit you get is Alarm System compatible. If you are unsure what unit you are receiving, be sure to advise the provider that you have an alarm system that needs to communicate on that line.

You will need to make sure that the provider has given CPI a dedicated line with full line-seizure on a phone jack away from your computer. This cannot be any type of T-Tap out of the back of your computer or modem; it needs to be a totally separate phone jack, preferably an RJ31X.

After the provider has completed this task, you will need to call CPI to set an appointment so that we can reconnect your Real Time Response System phone line to the dedicated phone jack and to make sure that the Real Time System will communicate with our CPI Central Station.

In addition, visit and log on to your account:

  • Click on Features
  • Under the Bandwidth Saver section, click on Configure.
  • Set the Sound Quality to the highest setting (90 kbps).

AT&T U-verse:
1-way Systems - Currently all AT&T U-Verse modems are compatible with our Digital 1-way Systems.
Real Time Response Systems - The AT&T U-Verse 3801 model modem is currently the only modem compatible with our Real Time Response 2-Way systems.

Providers that are NOT Compatible:

  • AT&T Call Vantage
  • Magic Jack
  • Sun Rocket
  • Skype

Because internet phone is a fast developing technology, there are many different providers appearing all the time. If the one you are considering is not listed, please be sure to contact us PRIOR to signing up with them.

Please contact us for further information.

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