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Why is there an asterisk * blinking on my keypad?

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This can indicate a number of things ranging from an open contacted zone up to and including trouble conditions with your panel and/or security devices.  Press the ‘*’ key on your keypad and the alarm system will display the condition that is causing this to appear.  Here are some common messages and their respective solutions:

  • <Device> open.  This means a device on your security is reading an open state.  If it is a door or window, ensure it is closed.  If that does not work try opening and closing the door.  A motion detector can read open if there is movement in front of it even when the system is disarmed – it will not cause an alarm activation but would cause the ‘*’ to appear.  A smoke detector that was not reset after alarm activation can also show open. If a device still reads open after these steps, contact CPI Customer Care at 800-948-7133 for further assistance.
  • <Device> alarm memory.  An alarm memory is a record of a previous activation that was not acknowledged at the keypad.  Press the ‘*’ key a second time and the alarm memory will clear.  You should get a system is okay message at this point.
  • <Device> low battery.  This indicates a low battery condition in one of your security devices.  Please replace the battery as soon as possible to ensure continued protection from the device.  A list of devices and their battery replacements can be found here: <This will have to be created>
  • Low system battery.  This indicates that the backup battery that powers the alarm panel in case of primary power loss is running low and will need replacement.  You may also see this message if you recently had a power outage that caused the system to run on battery backup for an extended period of time.  If this is the case, allow the battery 12-24 hours to recharge and see if the trouble condition clears.

There are many other conditions that can cause the ‘*’ to appear.  Please contact CPI Customer Care at 800-948-7133 to further troubleshoot the situation if these steps did not resolve. 

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