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5 Best Ways to Keep Your Business Safe

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In addition to CPI’s business security services, you can implement your own business security measures.

In today’s unpredictable world, your business is always at risk of theft and fraud. Rather than picking up the pieces after a break-in occurs, it’s best (and easiest) to take preventive measures. As a business owner, you have much to protect. From expensive equipment, to important documents, to invaluable employees and more, the safety of your business rests in your hands. Thanks to CPI’s business security services – and a few do-it-yourself tips – you can enjoy peace of mind.

But business security doesn’t stop at CPI’s business security packages. Being proactive is the best form of prevention. The following do-it-yourself tips will ensure your establishment is fully protected from burglary.

Doors & Windows – Similar to  your business should be surrounded with updated doors and windows. Doors should be made up of solid construction, including hinges and jambs. All windows should consist of burglar-resistant glass and secure locks, as well as meet fire-code requirements.

Business Alarm Monitoring – CPI is the largest locally owned-and-operated security company in the Southeast. Our business security services include a central monitoring station, around-the-clock customer service, video surveillance, fast response times, access control24-hour monitoring and fire and carbon monoxide detection, full-time security professionals and more.

Adequate Lighting – Most (if not all) burglars prefer to work in the dark. Security lights-both indoor and outdoor-provide sufficient after-hours lighting and will deter potential intruders.

Exterior of Building – Check the roof, walls and basement of your building and secure any exposed areas. Don’t place anything in front of or near the building that would block full visibility.

Key Access – Always keep a record of who has access to building keys, as well as identification/account numbers, security codes, parking cards and more. When an employee leaves the job, reclaim important property belonging to your company. What’s more, regularly change access/security codes.

To learn more about CPI’s superior business security and business security packages, contact us today. At CPI, your safety is our top priority.

Contact CPI to learn more about business security services and products.

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