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Q: When arming the alarm system from the website or phone will the system still give the delay beeps?
A: Yes, the alarm system will still give the delay beeps.


Q: There is a door/window showing open on the website but there is nothing open at the premises?
A: When at the premises, check the zone that is showing open; try to opening and closing the door/window to ensure that it is properly closed.

  • If this does not correct the issue, please contact CPI at 1.800.948.7133 for further troubleshooting or schedule a service visit.


Q: I left a door open at home, am I still able to arm my system from the website/mobile device?
A: Yes, you are still able to arm the system. The system will automatically bypass the open zone to allow arming of the system.


Q: When trying to access the log in screen, I get a “page not found error”
A: Check to make sure the web address is correct ( Ensure that internet connection is active.


Q: When I enter my user name and password the page doesn’t load.
A: Ensure “pop up blocker isn’t enabled if so you will need to disable this to gain for access to the website.

  • Confirm the Log In and Password is entered in correctly
  • Refresh the website and re-enter the User Log In and Password


Q: I don’t remember my User Name or Password.
A: If you forgot your user name click on the ‘login help?’ link.

  • For User Name enter your email address and your user name will be emailed to you.
  • For Password enter your user name, you will then have to answer your security questions. If you do not remember the answer to your security question contact CPI at 1.800.948.7133 to reset your password


Q: What mobile phones are compatible to get the inTouch application?
A: BlackBerry app’s works on Curve, Bold and 8800 Series devices; it does not support the BlackBerry Storm currently.

iPhones – iPhone App is in development and will be available at the iTunes store soon! Please check back for udpates and more information.


Q: Where do I go download my mobile app?
A: For BlackBerry users go to
iPhone users will be able to find the app in the iTunes store when it becomes available.


Q: When trying to load the PDA device application to my phone it gives an outdated software error.
A: Log onto your manufacturer’s website and check for correct current software update or you can bring your phone into the nearest service store location for your service provider and have them update your phone to the most current software release.

  • BlackBerry App currently only supports the Curve, Bold and 8800 Series devices. BlackBerry User’s confirm your BlackBerry is App compatible.


Q: When going through the customer setup I get an error that multiple zones are labeled identical?
A: Go through sensors list and edit the list to make all zones unique in identification.
*Note: this will not change what the system says at the premise.


Q: I’m not receiving email, text or any notifications from my Alarm System?
A: Please go through the following steps -

  1. When you log into your account go to the ‘notification’ tab and confirm that you have notifications enabled. If it is, continue to 2.
  2. Confirm that you have the correct email address listed to be notified on. If it is, continue to 3.
  3. If receiving text notifications confirm that your phone number to be text is correct. If it is, continue to 4.
  4. If all of this information is correct, please contact CPI at 1-800-948-7133 for further assistance.


Q: I added a user code to the control panel using the keypad. Why doesn’t it show up on the website?
A: The inTouch web control site does not display User Codes that were programmed into the control panel directly. User Codes created directly at the control panel may replace User Codes reflected on the website, but the website will not show the change. If you would like the website to reflect accurate User Codes, we recommend that you use the website exclusively when making changes to your panel User Codes.

To change User Codes through the website, login to your inTouch account and go to Security >> User Codes.


Q: What is the difference between an Alarm and Normal Activity?
A: Alarms are events that require immediate attention and sometimes action. Any time a sensor detects activity when it is armed is an Alarm. Alarms usually cause the siren to sound and can be reported to a central monitoring station.

Normal Activity includes any activity detected that is not an Alarm because the sensor was not armed when the activity was detected. When a door opens and the system is not armed, that is Normal Activity.

You can receive notifications and view system status and history for both Alarms and Normal Activity. Using the Notifications tab on the website, you can customize notifications for the various sensors in your system.


Q: What does it mean when a motion sensor shows an “Activated” or “Idle” status?
A: Whenever a motion sensor detects activity, it tells the panel. The motion sensor reports activity regardless of the panel arming state.

If no activity is detected then the idle status will show.


Q: I tried to arm my system through the website and it says “arming failed”. What’s the problem?
A: If your system is already armed, additional arming commands sent through the website will fail. For example, if your system is currently in Arm Stay mode, a website command to change it to Arm Away mode will fail.

You must first disarm the system through the website, and then send the Arm Away command. Likewise, if the system is in Arm Away mode, a website command to change it to Arm Stay mode will fail.

You cannot switch from Arm Stay to Arm Away mode and vice versa through the website. You must always disarm the system first, and then arm it to the desired mode.


Q: When trying to download the history from the website when I try to open the document I get an unable to open error?
A: Make sure you are using the correct document viewer to open the downloaded file, ex: Microsoft Word, Notepad or Web-Browser depending on the file choice selected to download the file.


Q: Receive a unit not responding notification?
A: You may receive this message due to a variety of factors:

  1. The Panel lost power for an extended period and the panel battery is drained, therefore the inTouch radio cannot transmit.
  2. The radio has been tampered with, destroyed, disconnected or has otherwise malfunctioned.
  3. Wireless signal strength issue or coverage issue. (See troubleshooting tips below.)

If all checks out ok contact CPI Technical Support at 1.800.948.7133 for further troubleshooting or schedule a service visit.


Q: Receive a hardware failure notification?
A: Confirm that the devices at the home are not being tampered with.

If you just changed a battery to a device insure that the cover to the device is placed back on securely.

Please contact CPI at 1-800-948-7133


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