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Motion detectors are devices that, by means of an electronic sensor, can alert the main control mechanism of a home alarm system when a moving object comes within it’s field of view. At it’s most basic level, it converts motion into an electric signal that then causes the monitoring system to determine whether or not there is a threat.

An added benefit with today’s motion detectors is the use of PIR/Microwave Motion Detectors that contain Pet-Immune functions, allowing for the size and rate of speed thereby reducing the chance of a false alarm.

Motion Detection & Your Pet

CPI offers standard & Pet Friendly Motion Detectors. Our pet friendly motion detectors analyze the size, speed and shape of the electrical signal, so it’s able to discriminate small pets or rodents from intruders. Protect your home or business with a motion detector.

CPI has been protecting families and businesses with security systems since 1976 and is the largest locally owned and operated Security Company in the Southeast. Motion detectors is just one feature of our business and home alarm systems.

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