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Cellular backup systems provide an alternative means of communication to alarm monitoring companies in the event that a telephone land line is inoperative during an emergency. A Cellular backup system will automatically switch over to an alarm monitoring provider, so a digital communicator or telephone tape dialer can still assist in sending an emergency call to a central alarm station through the cellular system.

During a burglary, fire or medical emergency, these systems assist in promptly notifying authorities to immediately respond. Receiving a quick response in these urgent situations is critical, so making sure that you have a quality cellular backup system should always be a top priority.

Cellular backup systems have many advantages. They allow you to easily connect to your home monitoring system from any mobile device. They also give you the ability to have control at your fingertips for a rapid emergency response where alarm signals will be transmitted to your central alarm station, even if your phone line is cut.

Telephone line tampering used to be rare, but it has become more commonplace. Cellular backup systems are ideal for security systems where the phone lines are vulnerable to attack, such as thieves cutting through your telephone line during a burglary. They can also be used to monitor alarm systems in areas without telephone service.

Your telephone line might be the weakest link in your security system. A digital cellular backup unit will attempt to get the signal through, even if your telephone line is disabled. Cellular backup systems automatically detect the outage of the land-based telephone system, in turn providing an output signal to a latching relay. The latching relay causes the activation of a pair of switching relays to automatically switch the connection of the alarm communicator of the land-based system to a cellular system.


Always on the cutting edge and looking for the next phase in the security industry, CPI offers many options in home safety systems including cellular backup systems. One of the most important parts of any security system is professional 24-hour security alarm monitoring for quick emergency response. Only professional safety monitoring can guarantee that police and paramedics will be alerted when home security system is triggered.

Don’t waste precious, valuable time! Protect yourself from an unexpected emergency situation. Make the decision to safeguard you and your loved ones with CPI cellular backup systems. Rest assured knowing CPI will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your safety.

Let a professional CPI representative assess which option best suites your needs with a free home evaluation today!

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