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What do the LED colors & patterns on my doorbell mean?

CPI Security -

Solid Green – Indicates doorbell camera is ready and working normally.

Solid White – Doorbell is in call mode.  A call has been initiated or is occurring.

Solid Yellow - Starting up.  Doorbell camera is booting up.  Typically seen at installation.

Blue-Green Alternating Flash – Connected to Wi-fi, waiting for server connection.  Please stand by.  If state persists, contact CPI Customer Care at (800)948-7133 for service assistance.

Blue-Yellow Alternating Flash – Firmware update is in progress.  Please stand by until complete.

Orange Rapid double flash – No Wi-Fi connectivity.  Check your internet connection.  This can also happen if your wi-fi credentials have changed.  If state persists, contact CPI Customer Care at (800) 948-7133 for service assistance.

Red Rapid double flash – Power Supply issue.  Contact CPI Customer Care at (800)948-7133 for service assistance. 

  • Note – slim line doorbell model will exhibit a Blue Rapid double flash for power supply issue instead.
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